Founded on a Planned Gift

Wake Forest School of Medicine’s path to international stature and reputation was forged with an estate gift from Bowman Gray and the planned gifts of members of the extended Gray family. Without those contributions, the medical school we know today might not exist.

Sustained by Planned Giving

From its founding as a four-year medical school in 1941 to today, hundreds of planned and estate gifts from alumni, faculty, staff and others have helped shape our School of Medicine into one of the world’s finest.

Have You Considered the Difference You Could Make?

Planned gifts can be of any amount, but they all have one thing in common: They create an enduring impression on others.

Remember Wake Forest Baptist as you consider charitable giving that can help save lives and enhance quality of life through world-class medical education, research and patient care.

Talk with Us

We invite you to learn more about options for making a meaningful impact for generations to come.

Lori Osowski
Director of Charitable Gift Planning